The website is finally all setup for membership, though it hasn’t been tested that much, so if you have any problems, let us know immediately.

See the Membership page for the different options, and the Membership Dues page for options on paying your membership dues.

We support Paypal Subscriptions (your paypal account will automatically pay each month), which are much preferred for administrative reasons, but we also support Google Checkout in 1 and 3 month payment increments, as well as cash and checks.

Right now, by becoming a member you will have access to a special page on the website that will always be updated with the current door code. In the very near future (thanks to a hardware donation by Anthony Pray), we should be able to issue RFID tokens to all members.

We’re slowly improving things, and input and feedback are always appreciated – though, if you want something done, sometimes it will get done quickest if you’re also willing help do it!