So it seems to current way hackerspaces are looking at getting a lasercutter is through Recently, on the hackerspaces mailing list, one of the spaces that succeeded in getting a cutter posted a bit about their experiences, and encouraged more hackerspaces to try it.

Three things that popped out at me as being important were:

  • knowing which laser cutter you want
  • A good story for the kickstarter description
  • Physical goods to give away at different contribution levels

Is anyone interested in doing the copy writing for a project? how about ideas for what to give away at different levels?

If we can identify the cutter we want, come up with a description, and the contribution rewards, I’m willing to start the process and get a project going for us. I do think a laser cutter would be an awesome addition to the space, and a good draw for getting more people involved, not to mention being fun and useful!