BrainSilo, Portland’s only 24/7 hackerspace (hell, it’s only
hackerspace), isn’t doing so well – and we’d like your input on why
you aren’t using it. (if you haven’t heard of us, check out

We’ve been open since January 1st, 2010 and incorporated as a
nonprofit entity for almost exactly a year now. Originally, we had
50+ people highly interested in the space, and at least 20 who
commited to support us – but the most paying members we’ve had at one
time was 12, and it hasn’t been near that in a while. With a couple
more people canceling their membership recently, and almost no one
showing up for the weekly open houses, I’d just like input from
people. While our expenses are only ~600/month, the vast majority of
that has been paid by myself and one other person for the past few
months – and that isn’t sustainable.

The following are a few questions I’d love an answer to, in no
particular order. The answers to these will hopefully help the board
decide what the next steps for BrainSilo are, if any.

The survey is here: