Hey all – I’d appreciate feedback on this, especially from current members, and those who aren’t members because they can’t afford it.

I spent the last week in San Francisco, with most of every night hanging out at Noisebridge, talking to people there. Out of all that conversation, an idea came up – how about opening up the space in the same way Noisebridge has?

Essentially, let anyone with some form of “key” (hell, if physical, let’s share the same pin pattern as NB, that’d be cool, right?) use the space – and keys are given out to those who seem like they should have them. Any keyholder can give another person a key. The benefits
of membership would be changed to include a locker or dedicated shelf, having the right to vote or otherwise have a say in the space, and priority on scheduling events/using equipment.

What we’re doing right now doesn’t work that well – I’m still covering a large chunk of the monthly rent myself, and the space is empty most the time. This change would possibly lose us some current members dues, but perhaps would increase participation and through that, donations. There are obvious disadvantages, in that we may have to deal with some abuse of the space, but that can be dealt with through more cameras and a bit more diligence in monitoring it.

This isn’t anything that is happening now, and nothing would change until current memberships that were pre-paid have expired. I *really* want feedback and discussion on this, so please don’t hold back.

- Loki