BrainSilo's Space

BrainSilo Aerial View

Current Space

BrainSilo is currently renting a small industrial space near downtown.

This space is great for anyone doing smaller projects - arts and crafts, jewelry, software or hardware design or anyone working on a computer or who doesn’t require a lot of space to work.

It’s 850sq. ft., in an L shape, with about 16’ ceilings, and has a dock-loading height garage door.

Curious about what equipment and tools we have? Check out our list of equipment.

If this sounds interesting to you, learn more about membership.

Future Space

We’re in the process of an effort to rent a larger fabrication facility that will serve the needs of members that want to do metalwork and other large/messy forms of art.

If you’re interested in getting involved in our planning process, check out our Google Group.