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BrainSilo can now accept tax-deductible donations!


Thanks to the School Factory, Inc., a 501(c)3 tax-exempt corporation that acts as a fiscal sponsor for hacker and maker spaces, BrainSilo is now able to accept tax-deductible donations!

More information and updates on this will be coming soon – also, remember that membership fees are never tax deductible.

ThinkGeek is giving away their garbage – and we’ve asked for some


ThinkGeek as recently announced that they will be giving away some of their returns and damaged items to groups and hackerspaces that will do something interesting with them.  BrainsSilo has been signed up for the program, and we’ll see if it gets approved.

I probably don’t need to say how awesome this would be.  Since most of us live in Oregon, dumpster diving is actually legal, but both the police and most business totally frown on it – mostly because of bums who make a complete mess.  But I know I’ve done it in the past, and most of our members have at some point, or still do, and the simple amount of useful crap that gets thrown away is amazing.

99% of people, when something breaks, don’t want it anymore – but for us, those broken items are a gold mine of parts, and anything left after we strip em or hack em can be responsibly recycled.  It is a great program that ThinkGeek has starting, and it’s also a wonderful example that we could use to approach other companies with.  Portland has Intel, Tektronix, Storables, FLIR (oh, some of their broken toys would be awesome), and tons more – some of them may be convinced this is a good idea, if we can talk to the right people.

If your companies throws away stuff you think we could use, and you think might be able to find the right person to talk to at the company about redirecting some of it to us, let us know.  One thing to note is that the product is still being “destroyed”, and if you need to actually throw it away (for insurance/contractual reasons, or whatever else), thats fine…  just let us know what dumpster to dig through when!  We promise to clean up after ourselves.

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