You can sign up for membership on the Membership Dues page.

While we would love to be open for free to everyone (and we are some nights), we still have to pay the bills – so if you are interested in using the space, please become a member. We have different options for different situations, as seen below. Of course, we also aren’t adverse to some form of corporate sponsorship, if it didn’t come with to many strings attached!

Steps to actually becoming a member:
  • Start giving us membership dues (see below for membership levels, and see Membership Dues for payment options)
  • You’ll now be a “provisional member”, and at the next meeting you attend, we will set you up with access to the space, at which point you will have full access.

Membership Levels & Policies

Full Members: $40/mo

Members have full 24/7 access to the space, and have the right to be actively involved in the (modified) consensus process we are trying to use to run the space. Members can also bring guests.

Starving Hacker/Student Membership: $20/mo

Starving Hacker membership is intended for those who, though they want to use the space, simply can’t afford a full membership. Expect that if something needs doing, you may be asked to help.

Scholarships & Fellowships

Scholarships are primarily for our “starving artist” or “will code for food hacker” friends, and applicants will be expected to both help around the space, and participate actively in at least one project (theirs or someone else’s) that is chosen at the time of application. These are only granted on a case-by-case basis by board members.

Fellowships are for people who have a really cool project, that the membership wants to support, and who cannot otherwise afford to be a member and work on their project. A fellowships would include membership, but could also include funding towards materials. Fellowships require a number of members to step forward and commit to funding the project. Contact Loki to find out more.


Our current guest policy is that any member may bring in guests, but guests are encouraged to become members if they are utilizing the space often – ideas for incentivizing this switch are welcome. Guests must be accompanied by a member.

Members of other Hackerspaces

We also are open to reciprocal memberships with other hackerspaces. If you are a member of a hackerspace that is not in the metro area, then you are welcome to use our space while you are in town, as long as our members are able to use your space. This does need to be formalized with the other hackerspace before privileges are granted.

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