Support Us

There are two primary way to support BrainSilo, and help it grow. The first is by becoming a member – for that, please see our Membership page. The other is through one time donations.

Cash Donations

These donations are seperate from Membership, and may be made in addition to your membership dues, or by people who don’t want to become a member, but would still like to support BrainSilo. We accept cash in a donation box at the silo – feel welcome to put it in an envelope with your name on it, or drop it directly in the box for an anonymous donation. We also accept Paypal, and Credit/Debit card donations through Paypal. ¬†We do not currently accept Google Checkout for donations, as they require us to be a 501(c)(c) in order to use them for donations.

with Paypal

Equipment and Services Donations

In kind donations can almost anything – we especially like new (used) toys and machines to explore. We can also use legal services, discounted or free internet connectivity, and perhaps things we haven’t thought of yet. Examples of equipment we find especially useful include:

  • microprocessor development boards
  • any embedded systems that may be able to run linux – even if we have to port it
  • lasers – we can always find a use for more lasers – and associated equipment, like scanning galvos
  • smaller cnc equipment – do you have an old desktop CNC something we may be able to modify?
  • surplus/damaged circuit boards, ASICs, or other things we might be able to salvage parts from
  • FPGA equipment – we can *always* find a use for FPGAs

Anything that is donated that isn’t used directly for infrastructure is available for use to all members and any community workshop attendees.

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