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I'm curious if others would be interested in an beginning Arduino workshop where we solder together a shield compatible Arduino kit and install the software on our PCs? For those that aren't familiar with Arduino shields, they are sub-boards that snap into the top of the primary Arduino board to make it easy to modify for different projects.

I would probably base the workshop around the Freeduino board available from NKC Electronics. It includes pretty much everything we need except a USB cable and battery pack (for portable use) for $20.66 ea. (total quantities above 10).

Once BrainSilo is cleaned up a bit more and we have all the soldering stations set up, I can determine how to put a workshop together and how much to charge. Everything over the actual cost of materials would go directly to BrainSilo as a fundraiser.

Note: NYC Resistor has a similar workshop for $100 -, my goal would be to have the price be around $40-50 each with any funds above the actual components cost going to BrainSilo to improve the space, pay bills, or whatever else.

--DarkStar 01:41, 13 June 2011 (UTC)