Meeting Notes 2010-01-17-2

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Notes by Cacophonous Joy

New name: BrainSilo (for space and group)

topics tabled:

  • We need a mission:
  • Public version? and Private version?
  • how to evict a problematic member?
  • how many members can the board afford to pay for?

Membership: Membership Details:

  • do what you want in hackerspace
  • 24/7 access
  • curfew laws apply (age and hours limit)
  • can't have same guest >3 times in a month
  • bring a guest, you're responsible for them and anyone they bring
  • Student Membership - limited membership with set hours
  • Scholarships for membership (work/ clean around the space to work off a portion of dues)

Membership Dues and How They're Collected: to be collected before February

  • not paypal!
  • not a federal bank!
  • regular rate= $40/ mo. + 3hrs/ mo of work
  • pay more, work less= $80/ mo.
  • "will code for food" discount: $40/mo + work for 4 hours or pay x (need specific formula)
  • someone needs to be managing those hours, Molly volunteered to track them/ assign jobs
  • Can be waived if member purchases expensive, needed equipment for the space or extenuating circumstances (wallet was stolen)


  • 550/ mo for 850-860 sq ft space
  • 100/ mo for insurance
  • 100/mo for internet

One Time Costs:

  • Cost to become non-profit at a state/ federal level: $700 +
  • $1500 needs to be reimbursed to Loki (as of today)
  • Possible option of PTP set up for a deal?
  • 15-20 members = sweet spot for dues vs costs. We have 20 @$40/mo.
  • 20 ppl present at meeting can commit to $50/ mo membership fees

Board of Directors: Until we have a board Loki is our "benevolent dictator," who will accept input when selecting the board members

  • sets up bank account (NOT at a federal bank)
  • responsible for lack of funds
  • works as general consensus with no member over another, incl founding members
  • make sure the org is run in the original intended direction
  • Board rep communities:
  • Security
  • Art
  • At least 1 board member has non-profit experience
  • Minimum 5 board members total