Meeting Notes 2010-02-07

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[edit] Notes 2010.2.7

  • Paperwork has been filed, no bank acct yet.

[edit] Board

Planned to expand from the 3 people to 5 people Can be from general membership. Must be active on paperwork.

Need to finalize bylaws. - should be in hands of board. Send out email for email interested in bylaws.

[edit] Making money

  • orange boxes (telephony)?

[edit] Membership drives

[edit] New members?

Camo says: more members appreciated but let's get space up and running. Membership drive in march?

[edit] What needs to be done

  • floorplan
  • insulation (garage and walls)
  • mud and tape
  • paint
  • workbenches
  • bike storage
  • tool storage
    • need bigger storange
  • lockers or individual storage.
  • new windows - need someone who knows how to deal w/ windows
  • access control
  • recycling bins
  • indicator to see who is at the space
  • heaters (things might be installed by landlord)

[edit] For the main room:

Ugly wall neds to be cleaned

[edit] Parties!

  • Electrical and painting next week!

[edit] Volunteers

  • Don
  • slestack
  • Kyle (in the evening)
  • Sean
  • Max (in the evening)

[edit] Access problems

The door is problematic since it's an emergency exit. Nick is thinking of having something that will push the bar in. Our specific door will probably be replaced. Anyone who wants to take over the access control stuff should talk to Nick

[edit] Groups

If user groups need to meet here, please get in touch.

[edit] Board members

First board members are chosen. Rest will be in bylaws. Email swoolley for deets.

[edit] Securing bikes

Kyle has suggested moving bikes to the kitchen area-ish.

[edit] A deck?

People are thinking about having a deck outside. More importantly, some way to replace the rickety stairs on the outside would be amazing!

[edit] Logos

HEY EVERYBODY Scan in your art plz. Taggers and graffiti artists - come tag our space. Camo's only requirement is that it be awesome.