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I'll pledge $20 or so, I want to see this happen. -qpfiffer

Can pledge ~$10 and hopefully/possibly some sweat equity - Jack

I'm going to join you guys. I'm a 40 year old Unix Systems Engineer, and one of the most famous Commodore 64 pirates ever. I've been uh, errm, hizznacker pretty much all my life. I was around pre-ESS, had my c64 and printouts taken by a nice visit from the Secret Service when I was 14 (SS investigated computer crime when I was a kid, now the FBI does). Of course I'm 40 now, and don't do that shit anymore. Except for when it's required. -Ron tbb!/fbr! /usr/lib/uucp (old dead handles).

[edit] Depreciated Page

Since the main membership details are on the primary site at, this page is extremely depreciated and should probably be removed as having duplicate information could cause confusion if one page is out of date but the other is current. --DarkStar 22:48, 12 June 2011 (UTC)