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[edit] About Me

I've been lurking around BrainSilo for a while now, but just recently (June 2011) signed up with a monthly renewing membership. You'll probably catch me at the space most Wednesday evenings, doing a lot of cleaning and organization in the near future. I enjoy experimenting with Arduino and love RFID, wifi, and other wireless technologies.

[edit] Contact Information

IRC DarkStarPDX @
Email chris (at) darkstarpro (dot) com

[edit] Contributions

Well, I haven't contributed anything (other than this wiki page) yet to BrainSilo. But I would love to see some of my "future goals" below move up to this section.

[edit] Future Goals

I would like to assemble a digital whiteboard that would be installed at BrainSilo. My vision would be that it could be incorporated in any educational elements that we put together for the public. Once we had a system installed, we could approach libraries or schools to see if it is a type of system they would like to have installed. (See Johny Chung Lee's Wii Projects for more info.)

I can also assist with any wiring that might be needed, including networking.

I'm also handy with a paint roller or assembling/fixing furniture or any other maintenance that is needed in the space.

[edit] Testimonials

If you know me and have something nice to say, please leave a comment here.