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Logo, Name and Design

We now have a more awesome name:

  • bRainSilo
  • BrainSilo
  • brain:silo

take your pick, or suggest another capitalization/spacing

We are in search of a more awesome logo.

Key word ideas are brain, rain, silo, root, ground. Something simpler (line drawing) for our main logo is probably preferable - but if you want to do a postcard size or business card size full color thing, that would be awesome for advertising purposes.

Soycamo's logo idea(s):

  • Hslogo1 03.png
  • Brainsilo-concept.png

Noisebridge's logo is changing which might give us some ideas for what to use.

A unicorn pissing a rainbow over a keyboard?!? WTF!?!
Obviously you've never been to San Francisco.

Logo concept by strangeways, inspired by the Drupal PDX logo. (Source images: brain, umbrella):

  • Brainsilo-umbrella.png

Some logo ideas from Mathew (dromology)

I was thinking that a silo is also a relay point, so I made this kind of stylized and anthromorphized relay circuit. SVG here: [[1]]


Also with a bold BR, like we're SO ICEY //Gucci!

Brainsilo BR.png

Some kinda crappy small logoform/title version ideas:

Brainroot sm.png Brainsilo relay sm.png

Ok this one sucks in execution and probably concept too.