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Welcome to the BrainSilo Wiki! BrainSilo is a non-profit Hacker-space Located in Portland, Oregon. The space has been established to provide a place where artists, hackers, experimenters, average joes, non-average joes, and pretty much anyone else, can come to work on, contribute to, and share their projects and ideas.

If you'd like to come out and see the space, Welcome Meetings are Every Thursday at 7:00pm

If you'd like to see if anyone is at the space, dial (503) 764-4220 (this is the main BrainSilo number)

What We're Working On At BrainSilo What We're Working On For BrainSilo

Getting the Card Printer to... Print. See our project list

Raising Money to apply for Federal Non-profit Status (around $700) Articles of Incorporation

Sounds Cool, Where do I sign up?

Come on down and see what we look like, and figure out if there's something you'd like to contribute to (or start a project).

Membership details can be found on the main BrainSilo website:

What does BrainSilo look like?

Well, here's a floorplan:

Silo-layout comments.png

This represents stuff that's happening or stuff we want to happen (except for, possibly, the pit of despair)

Out of Date? Want to add something? Please use the floorplans to plan out electrical diagrams or the layout of the space.

Here are some pictures:

Electronics.jpg Mainfloor.jpg

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